19 January 2009

MLK Weekend

It's mid-January and the temperature is in the mid 70's. It's been like this for 6 - 7 straight days - warm days, blue skies, summery. Weird! But I ain't complaining. I didn't say that. At least, I didn't mean that! Xmas holidays have faded into the past. The evenings are already getting longer and in Santa Barbara, just as we are ready to embrace winter, we see visible signs of spring. The daffodils have sprung out of the ground already! This is why I love this city. I hate this city too, but that's another story. If you think I'm contradicting myself, congratulations. You've detected my greatest personality flaw!
Heady days for us in the US. Finally, finally we get to shut the door on a most godawful administration. I remember so clearly eight years ago on the morning of Bush's inauguration I woke up engulfed in a black cloud of depression. Daryl's colleague, Juan Porti from Barcelona, was visiting and staying with us. When I went down for breakfast I said to him, "Today is a very sad day in America." I remember this so clearly. But I couldn't have guessed then just how terrible it was going to be. Four years ago for Bush's second inauguration I was thankfully far, far from home - in the antipodes!!
But this year I can't even describe the excitement. Tomorrow, as we embrace Barack Obama as our new president, it will truly be a day for celebration. I'm afraid I have to confess my expectations are high for this guy. When people say he is a moderate, a centrist, etc., I get annoyed. But that's not as bad as Daryl who gets very defensive over Obama's decisions.
(Daryl spent most of his spare time this new year refinishing our dining table. It looks superb! )

All the media are going on about the inauguration speech. Obama always impresses when he speaks and so expectations keep going up. I feel nervous for him. so many great speeches were made by previous presidents and he is expected to deliver a speech which will make history. Will he do it? I don't know.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow.