31 October 2009

Adieu Summer!

Well, I resign myself to the arrival of a season whose beauty I simply cannot or perhaps will not see. I mean come on, what can be beautiful about shorter days and chilly mornings and those godawful colors - yellow, orange, brown? Not to mention fall's real purpose - ushering in winter?? So daylight savings ends tonight, and little goblins and ghosts and a few Michael Jacksons will come begging for candy. The farm stands are no longer selling heirloom tomatoes. My basil in the garden is shrinking. The hammock's been put away, the down comforter is out. Gotta get out my sweaters. Oh, what a drag.
But, the good news is that we'll be doing a southern hemisphere winter vacation this year. Thank goodness for rellies south of the equator! Mum turns 70 and we're getting her to her son in Sydney where we'll all converge for a huge celebration. Yippee!

Been a busy beginning of the school year, but things have settled down a lot. Enjoying my students - all 27 of them. Got a system in place to try to reach them all and make them enjoy their 3rd grade learning experience. Pleased that I have some sharp writers.

We managed to do a few fun things in the last couple months. We saw a terrific production of THE RAMAYANA, performed by a local group called Boxtales. They did a terrific job of presenting the story clearly, using a combination of straightforward dialogue as well as creative movement - dancing, acrobatics, etc. They were quite inventive using actors in acrobatic positions for stage props (like a chair). This story is quite a riveting one, you know. I remember hearing it all through my childhood. Seeing a stage production took me right back to the time when Mum used to tell us stories while ironing our clothes.

Another fun thing was my cousin, Jaya, from South Africa, visiting me for a week. Enjoyed showing her SB and LA. Made me realize what a long way I've come from that Ladysmith bumpkin I used to be as a kid. Apart from a vacation in Mauritius, Jaya hadn't done any traveling to speak of. Her timidity to explore new places was apparent, as would be expected from a novice. The two of us grew up together and were at uni at the same time. It was so much fun to catch up on our lives at delightful places like The Beach Cafe, sipping beer and watching the surfers, and The Coffee Bean beside a fire on the day it rained. The week went too fast. C'est dommage!

And now a frantic few weeks at school getting ready for parent teacher conferences and holiday projects. Then .... summer again - first in Brisbane, then Sydney.